CASI Student Chapters(CSC)

A CASI Students Chapter is the grass root level representation and collaboration towards promoting the cause of sustainability. Institutes / Colleges / Universities and Schools are encouraged to form a chapter / council of students headed by a faculty to promote the knowledge and cause of CSR & sustainability.

1. For Companies

Strategy Consulting Services / Interns focused on sustainability and CSR
Ideology at CSC is that working with companies on sustainability and CSR catalyzes change most efficiently, while also providing students with the necessary skills to become business leaders. CSC provides start-ups & corporates intern teams which are creative, intelligent, and passionate about sustainability. CSC member students are ready to tackle and learn from firms' most challenging strategic issues. CSC strives to demonstrate to students and the public alike that business success and corporate sustainability go hand in hand.

2. For Students

Skill Development and Real World Impact
CSC member students have the opportunity to staff or lead consulting projects with local start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporates and thought leaders. CSC professors provide on-site training and mentorship, allowing corporate employees and member students to hone their strategic thinking and abilities while directly applying their skills to developing a sustainable business model and CSR strategy. Student members will learn about strategy consulting, sustainability and energy issues, and business development. With a final goal of creating a corporate strategy that has sustainability as its core.

3. For Society

Strike a Balance
CASI Student chapters invite the public to a speaker series on “Corporate Sustainability" on and off campus, which engages them on multiple topics on CSR strategy, sustainable business models and accountability. The society at large benefits form interaction with CSC members and supporting regional chapters.

What is a CASI student Chapter?

1. CASI Student Chapters (CSC) encourages education beyond the classroom by allowing students to network and learn from each other, and connect with a supportive group of professionals.
2. Primarily a CSC helps the student develop an experience and expertise in sustainability and CSR.
3. Honorary academic lead / advocate: understanding how your institute and professors can benefit from the student chapter
4. Reaching out to regional chapters and regional directors
5. Contributing knowledge at CASI
6. Reaching out to corporates

What are the activities?

The primary focus is sustainability. CASI is dedicated to understanding & promoting research on how business models can have sustainability as a focus along with profitability. The following are the key result areas of the CSC

1. The CSC members will work on reaching out to corporates in the vicinity and understand their efforts towards CSR & sustainability. Such research/ interviews may be published on CASI blog and site. Such research may also be circulated to corporates and community at large.
2. CSC student & faculty members will conduct lectures at corporates in the vicinity
3. CSC student & faculty members will conduct lectures at other institutes in the vicinity
4. Act as a local think tank and engage in consulting for smaller corporates in the field of CSR
5. Organize local level events to promote the causes
6. Assist regional chapters in consulting local corporates on CSR & sustainability
7. Assist Academic Lead / Professors in consulting assignments

The above KRA’s are expected to deliver dual results
1. Promote the cause of CSR & sustainability: within corporates, businesses and the community at large.
2. Enable the institute to reach out to corporates thus helping in placements and better corporate relationships.

What are the benefits of a CASI Student Chapter?

Corporates prefer employees with knowledge of CSR & sustainability, be a part of this preferred list
1.Get mentoring on career paths from experienced practitioners
2.Contact industry leaders for job opportunities
3.Develop a medium to learn beyond the classroom
4.Organize campus events with students from other disciplines
5.Gain leadership opportunities to add to a resume/CV
6.Connect with local chapter professionals
7.To start a CASI student chapter (CSC), Please encourage a faculty member to be become a Hon.
8.Academic Advocate or to designate a faculty advisor to support the group.

Not sure if your institute / college / university has a Hon. Academic Advocate? Email us to find out.

Why should you support a CASI student chapter?

Your students get preference in placements globally:

Corporates prefer employees with knowledge of CSR, accountability and sustainability, such a chapter at your institute showcases this knowledge, hence resulting in better placements.

Mentoring Board Support

Get mentoring on career paths from experienced practitioners Regional chapters of CASI have very senior industry practitioners’ as members and chair holders. Every CASI student chapter is linked to one such regional chapter. This creates a platform for interaction where in students derives great knowledge, network and opportunities.

Corporate Network for your students

Placements are easier when you use the CASI network, with a preferred employee status, your students are in the right hands. By using the CASI network you remain in close contact with industry leaders for job opportunities

Corporate network for your institute

An education institute depends on corporates not only for placements and consulting projects; it also leans on corporates for research, incorporating research in business strategy and finally the opportunity for the institute to get involved in designing and supporting the business strategy. Global institutes have affiliations with corporates: this is your chance to incorporate the same at your institute.

Consulting projects for your professors

Use the CASI network to develop a consulting wing at your institute. With the goal of CASI to incorporate sustainability in the core business models of corporates; this theme works well for your professors; particularly the Hon. Academic associates

Complimentary certifications for your professors

Institutes with a CASI student chapter are eligible for two complimentary certifications for professors.

Develop a medium to learn beyond the classroom

The CASI network encourages your students to engage and learn from business leaders, such an extended network proves to be of immense value in learning live case studies. Thought leaders from various business verticals, who are a part of CASI are accessible to your students. Thus creating a medium to learn beyond the classroom

Organize campus events with students from other disciplines & institutes

Showcase leadership between peers. This is an excellent opportunity to organize CASI events at your campus for students of other institutes as well. Helps your institute create a great name for your prospective students.

Resume builder for all stake holders

Managing a CASI student chapter adds to your bio data Members of the CASI student chapter are looked up on by industry and recruiters as leaders of tomorrow. These members are young professionals who care. These are young professionals who will ensure a sustainable future.

Connect with local chapter professionals

A CASI student chapter is a great way to develop relationship with corporates and leading practitioners Members have unrestricted access to CASI credential holders. They also have an access to regional directors, regional general secretaries and are welcome to attend meeting of these regional teams. Such a face to face meet is imperative for placements and network.


Fees – The student member of a CSC does not have to pay any fees to CASI. However a basic charge of INR 150 would be applicable for the Identity card.

Name – a CSC at XYZ institute of management (Mumbai) would be called CASI XYZ Institute (Mumbai) Student Chapter


A ‘CASI XYZ University Student Chapter’ is a virtual association based at the education institute. This is formed as collaboration between CASI and XYZ university. Link to by laws and guidelines

Complimentary certifications for your professors

Institutes with a CASI student chapter are eligible for two complimentary certifications for professors.

To start a CASI student chapter (CSC), Please encourage a faculty member to be become a Hon. Academic Advocate or to designate a faculty advisor to support the group.