Join the Revolution

CASI is the apex body dedicated to promoting research & education in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. CASI credential holders across the globe are at the forefront of this CSR movement.

We invite individuals and corporates to join the movement. You’ll be joining an elite group of like-minded people whose commitment to CSR & Sustainability is so commendable that pushes humanity forward.

You can Join us as

1. Credential Holders

If you wish to apply for any of our world class certifications, please have a look at certifications. CASI credentials are available the world over in different formats. While online examinations are available in most countries, CASI credentials are available in a few countries as co-branded diplomas and other degrees / certifications with universities / institutes.

2. Agents / Collaborative education institutes

If you wish to promote CASI Global certifications in your country, please write to Please enclose a brief on your current business activities and profile of prople behind the company. Our Global Mentoring boad manages alliances and tieup’s and they will revert on he same.

3. Affiliated Institutes / Universities

To support the CASI mission, we encourage institutes and universities to offer educational programs on CSR / Sustainability / Ethics etc. While CASI credentials are world class and coveted across the world, partnering with local institutes and universities allows our students to avail local expertise in terms of placements and portion. If you wish to launch co-branded programs in CSR / Sustainability, please write to If you wish to launch MDP / Training programs in affiliation with CASI, please write to

4. Regional Chapter

We encourage you to join CASI as Regional Chapters Office Members at any of our regional chapters across the world. Regional chapters are virtual extensions of CASI across the world, if you wish to join a regional chapter, or setup a regional chapter, please write to

5. Knowledge @ CASI

CASI encourages governments, corporates, think tanks, institutes and individuals to share thoughts and best practises through white papers, presentations, interviews and case studies. Once submitted, CASI reserves the right to display them on websites, and other communication, advertising material. Please submit the same to

6. Honorary Regional Director / Office Bearer: Nomination

CASI is managed locally through regional chapters; Regional chapters are virtual extensions of CASI Global. These regional chapters not only manage the region but also affiliated institutes and NGO’s. The primary KRA of such regional chapters is to support CASI Global mission. If you wish to nominate someone as a Regional Director / General Secretary for any of our existing or planned regional chapter, please write to Please understand that a Honorary Director is a very senior professional and requests may be denied. In case of denial, no further communication will be exchanged and CASI reserves all right. In case the nomination is approved, the nominated individual will be sent an email, followed by a telecom with members of the with Global Mentoring board. In such cases, the nominator will be kept involved in preliminary communications. Once the nomination goes through, the nominator will not be kept I the loop since Honorary directors are privy to information which is not publicly available.

7. Student Chapter Members

CASI Global has a reach to the student community through complimentary student chapters. There are practically extensions of CASI at institutes and universities. CASI Student chapters encourage students to become members at no cost. Such an initiative has been highly successful and students benefit through industry interactions and competitions. All interactions, competitions and industry visits revolve around CSR, sustainable manufacturing & ethics with a focus on the mission of CASI ‘To promote the Cause & Knowledge of CSR & Sustainability.”