Awards & Recognitions

CASI pursues its mission “ ‘To Promote the Cause & Knowledge of CSR & Sustainability’ through certifications, partnerships, collaborations, student chapters, regional chapters and research”

We understand that without the support of local chapters, keen corporates, governments and NGO’s such a mission would be unachievable. We solicit support from every citizen of the world: And are keen to recognize such efforts.

CASI actively solicits Governments, NGO’s, corporates, universities, institutes and other institutions for recommendations and recognitions for individual or collective efforts in relentless pursuit of sustainable development.

If you represent a Governments, NGO’s, corporate, university, institute or any other institution of repute and wish to organize an award function along with CASI or wish for CASI to recognize a particular effort towards sustainable development, please write to us on


CASI regional chapters are virtual extensions of CASI and present across multiple countries. These chapters are managed by Honorary Office bearers as regional directors / general secretaries. Every CASI Global Fellow is appointed as a honorary office bearer to manage regional chapters.

We actively seek nominations for honorary office bearers. If you wish to nominate someone, please write to

CASI Global Mentoring Board will revert only in case the nomination is shortlisted.